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Our Fall '08 Newsletter

posted Feb 23, 2009, 7:08 PM by Bryan Wiebe   [ updated Apr 2, 2009, 11:11 AM ]

October 28, 2008

STM         Newsletter






   The new term is well underway and the STMFU Executive wishes to welcome new members and welcome back all members. We hope that everyone has had a good summer. We are confident you will have a fruitful year of research and instruction.

   The past year was full of challenges for the union. Thanks to the strength of our members we have come through these struggles with a new collective agreement (you should have received a copy in your mailbox) and, hopefully, a heightened respect for each other. Of course not all problems have been solved. New, and especially for some of our members, particularly difficult challenges have arisen. We will be working to bring about as good an outcome as possible for these members. In these times, we hope that all members will demonstrate the care for which the STM community is renowned and encourage those members which are under threat at this time. A demoralized community would be a weakened community. We believe it is particularly important that we build each other up to empower one another to meet the challenges ahead. Given our members’ particularly strong talents, courage and caring concern, the executive is confident that our current difficulties will only serve to make us stronger.


Executive Activities


The executive is pleased to welcome Chris Foley to the executive. Although Chris is on sabbatical, he has agreed to serve on the executive this year. (This was an executive appointment as there was a resignation after the elections were held last spring.) The executive is committed to serving the membership. We have been consulting with CSF in an attempt to determine how best to bargain for their needs. We have formed an “ad hoc CSF committee” consisting of Ria Jenkins and Brian Chartier to negotiate these matters with administration. All members are encouraged to continue to raise issues of concern with the executive.


Update on Defense Fund Trustees Annual Meeting


The Union Executive would like to thank David McGrane, our STMFU CAUT Defense Fund Trustee, for attending the CAUT Defence Fund Trustees Annual General Meeting held in Fredericton, New Brunswick on October 18 th-19 th, 2008. The written report from David was particularly important in clarifying how the Fund works and how much it costs. David also gave us some favourable impressions of the organization and the meeting, as well as relating some possible union-related storm clouds on the horizon. David did point out some outstanding issues in relation to our membership in the fund. It is our hope that we will deal with these outstanding issues at our next general meeting.



The executive wishes to thank all those who have agreed to serve on STMFU committees.



Elections Committee:


* Darrell McLaughlin

* David Peacock


Consultation Committee:


* Brian Chartier

* Ria Jenkins

* Bryan Wiebe


Grievance Committee:


* Wilf Denis

* Ron Griffin


Sessional Faculty and Term Appointees Committee:


* Nick Jesson

* Dawn Friel-Hipperson


Status of Women Advisory:


* Mary Ann Beavis


ad hoc CSF Committee:


* Brian Chartier

* Ria Jenkins


Executive Committee:


* Brian Chartier (President)

* Ria Jenkins (Vice-President / Secretary)

* Bryan Wiebe (Treasurer)

* Chris Foley